Planning Board Minutes 1/7/2010



JANUARY 7, 2010

Mr. Lepore started the meeting with an affirmation of the Open Public Meeting Act and the Pledge of Allegiance.�

Roll Call: Anthony Lepore, Nicholas Pantina, Madonna Bogus, Kathi Fiamingo, Sal Candarella, Bob Herbert, Rich Picerno, Anthony Pugliese, Robert Laurie, Rudy Cammarota.� Marty Sica was absent. �

Motion was made by Bob Herbert, seconded by Madonna Bogus to pay the Recording Secretary. All in favor.

The meeting was turned over to Mayor Kathi Fiamingo.


Ms. Fiamingo presided.� The following officials were sworn in:� Madonna Bogus Class IV Member, 4 year term to 12/31/13, Richard Picerno, Class IV Member, 4 year term to 12/31/13, Robert Herbert, Class II Member, 2 year term to 12/31/11, Robert Laurie, Alternate #1, 2 year term to 12/31/11 and Rudy Cammarota, Mayor�s Designee, 1 year term.

Mayor Fiamingo asked the new members to sign the Oath Book.


Only class 4 members are eligible to run as Officers.

Motion was made by Mr. Pantina to nominate Mr. Lepore as Board Chairman, seconded by

Madonna Bogus.� All in favor.�

Motion was made by Mr. Candarella to nominate Mr. Picerno as Vice-Chairman, seconded �by Ms. Bogus.� Five �in favor. R. Herbert voted no.

Motion was made by Mayor Fiamingo to nominate Ms. Bogus as Secretary, seconded by S. Candarella.� All in favor.�

Vote for Recording Secretary

Motion was made by Kathi Fiamingo to nominate Mrs. Janet Murphy as Recording Secretary, seconded by Ms. Bogus.� All in favor.��

Vote for Board Attorney

Motion was made by Ms. Bogus, seconded by N. Pantina to nominate Mr. Michael Tripodi as Board Attorney. ��All in favor.

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Approval was given for the 2010 Workshop and Regular Meetings Calendar

Mr. Herbert asked if there is no work sessions in July and August is it mandatory to have an August Meeting?� The Mayor responded that the meetings should not be waived until they see if there are applications pending.� Mr. Lepore said that if there are no cases pending in July they can make a motion to cancel the meeting.� Madonna said they did that last year.

Motion was made by Mr. Herbert, seconded by Ms. Bogus to accept the Planning Board Meeting Dates for 2010 and have them published. All in favor.

Vote for the Board Engineer

Motion was made by Mr. Candarella, seconded by Mr. Pantina to nominate Mr. Richard O�Connor of Grotto Engineering Associates as Board Engineer.� All in favor.

Mayor Fiamingo added that Mr. O�Connor set forth a schedule of fees in his proposal to the Borough.

Vote for Town Planner

Motion was made by N. Pantina, seconded by S. Candarella to nominate Mr. Kevin O�Brien as Town Planner. ��All in favor.

Motion was made by Mr. Candarella, seconded by Ms. Bogus to close the nominations.� All in favor.

Comments for the Good of the Board

Mr. Candarella said he has a schedule of hourly wages and completeness review fees from Mr. O�Brien and he will make sure everyone gets a copy.

The Mayor asked Mr. Candarella to ask Kevin O�Brien for a schedule of fees for anything and everything he might be doing. Mr. Herbert asked if they should table the vote until they review the fees?� Mr. Lepore said the fees were already reviewed by S. Candarella and himself. Mr. Herbert asked if the fees were reasonable and Mr. Candarella said yes they were reasonable.� He said the fees were $250.00 for the initial review of any application with a completeness report and if it came back with things missing, the fee was $150.00. Mr. Picerno asked if there was a need for the Completeness Committee? �Mr. Lepore said yes there would be a need but not if it�s a simple case, ie a porch. Mr. Pantina asked who will decide whether it will go to Mr. O�Brien? �Madonna said the Review Committee will decide. Ms. Bogus asked Mr. Candarella to supply everyone with a copy of the fee schedule from Kevin O�Brien.� The Mayor said the fee schedule should be included in the minutes.

Mr. Lepore said that one of the things he would like to accomplish this year is re-doing the Planning Board Application.�

Rudy Cammarota asked Mr. Lepore what part of the Application fee does Shamrock get paid from? The Mayor responded that this is not the time or place for that discussion because it has

Planning Board Meeting � January 7, 2010���������������������������������������������������������������������� Page 3

nothing to do with his employment or how he gets paid. She said this matter should be addressed at the next Work Session Meeting.

Mr. Lepore agreed this is something to be discussed at the next work shop meeting when they have all the fees from Shamrock in front of them. �He said they should also address the Borough�s application fees at the next work shop meeting.

Mr. Lepore appointed Ms. Bogus as the chairperson for the Review Committee.� Madonna responded that she would be honored.�

Mr. Lepore asked Mr. Picerno if he would like to be on the Review Committee.�� Mr. Picerno responded that with his appointment as a regular Planning Board Member this evening and some other surprises that he has heard tonight he said he would rather focus on educating himself on the Planning Board procedures rather than being on the Completeness Committee.� He said he would like to concentrate on the Planning Board�s� infrastructure of what is going on in town. Mr. Lepore commented there was no better education then to review the applications and follow the paperwork trail. Mr. Picerno said he would stay on the Completeness Committee until a replacement can be found.

Mr. Lepore said the Completeness Committee would include Madonna Bogus as chairperson with� Mr. Pugliese and Mr. Picerno Mr. Laurie as an alternate.� Mr. Cammarota will chair the Minor Sub Division Committee with Mr. Herbert and Mr. Sica.

Ms. Bogus excused herself for an emergency phone call.

New Business

Mayor Fiamingo reported that it�s been alluded to on a few occasions that the Borough will be receiving an application for a heliport from Merck.� She said that she thought it would have been submitted before tonight and she asked Mr. Lepore if the application could skip the Review Committee and be sent directly to the engineer and planner with a request that they review the application as quickly as possible.

Mr. Lepore responded that he agrees that the application for the heliport should be sent out directly to Grotto and Shamrock as soon as it is received.�

Mayor Fiamingo asked Madonna Bogus to send the application for the heliport directly to our Borough Engineer and the Planner as soon as it arrives.�

Mr. Herbert suggested the Police Chief and Fire Chief receive copies of the application.

Mr. Herbert said that the Tax Assessor asked him to address a problem he is having with minor subdivisions.� It seems the attorneys for the applicants that are doing a minor sub division�s are not telling the applicants that they have 120 days to record the deed and �get a copy of the deed to the County as well as the Tax Assessor.� The Tax Assessor is asking the Planning Board to to require applicants send the deed to the Tax Assessor after it has been recorded with the County.

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Mr. Picerno said there is someone he knows that is looking for 2 to 3 acres of contaminated land either commercial or industrial. The Mayor asked why does he need contaminated land? Mr. Picerno responded that he is from a remediation company and he knows how to develop that kind of property at a very low cost.� He said the man�s company will bring at least 75 employees into the municipality.

Mr. Lepore said he would like to revise the application and application fees this year in a timely fashion with the input of everyone.� He said the new application will have to be reviewed by the Mayor and Council and also the Borough Engineer and the Planner.

He thanked everyone and is looking forward to a good year.

He reminded everyone they should have the New Jersey Planning Official application to register for classes and if anyone did not receive an application and would like to attend, they should see Madonna.� The classes are being held at the Ye Old Inn.���

Mr. Lepore reminded everyone to fill out their Citizen Leadership Form and submit it to the Borough Clerk�s Office.

Comments by the Public

No comments.

Adjournment ��The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Motion was made by Mr. Candarella to adjourn, seconded by Ms. Bogus.� All in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen J. Moschitta

Temporary Planning Board Recording Secretary

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