Planning Board Re-Org 1/8/2009



JANUARY 8, 2009

Mr. Lepore started the meeting with an affirmation of the Open Public Meeting Act and the Pledge of Allegiance.� Roll Call: Mr. Lepore, Ms. Fiamingo, Mr. Candarella, Mr. Herbert, Mr. Cirillo, Mr. Pantina, and Mr. Pugliese.

The meeting was turned over to Mayor Kathi Fiamingo.


Ms. Fiamingo presided.� The following officials were sworn in:� Madonna Bogus (#4), (appointed to the unexpired term of Mr. O�Malley for a one year period), Marty Sica (#4) (appointed for a four-year term), Anthony Pugliese (#4) (appointed for a four-year term), Robert Laurie (Alt #1) (appointed to the unexpired term of Mr. Leary for a one year period), and Richard Picerna (Alt. #2) (appointed for a two-year term), and Rudy Cammarota, (mayors� designee) (appointed for a one-year term).


Only class 4 members are eligible to run as Officers.

Mr. Pantina made a motion to nominate Mr. Lepore as Board Chairman, 2nd by

Mr. Cirillo.All in favor.Mr. Lepore, as Chairman, will now preside over the meeting.

Mr. Lepore made a motion to nominate Mr. Pantina as Vice-Chairman, 2nd by Mr. Cirillo.� All in favor.

Mayor Fiamingo made a motion to nominate Ms. Bogus as Secretary, 2nd by Mr. Cirillo.� All in favor.� Ms. Bogus will work with Ellen Johns, who will do the clerical part of this position.

Vote for Board Attorney

Mr. Herbert made a motion to nominate Mr. Michael Tripodi as Board Attorney, 2nd by Ms. Bogus.� All in favor.

Vote for Recording Secretary

Ms. Fiamingo made a motion to nominate Mrs. Janet Murphy as Recording Secretary, 2nd by Mr. Herbert. All in favor.� �A vote was taken to pay the recording secretary.

Vote for the Board Engineer

Councilman Candarella made a motion to nominate Mr. Richard O�Connor of Grotto Engineering Associates as Board Engineer, 2nd by Mr. Pantina.� All in favor.

Vote for Town Planner

Councilman Candarella made a motion to nominate Mr. Kevin O�Brien as Town Planner, 2nd by Mayor Fiamingo.� All in favor.

Approval was given for the 2009 Workshop and Regular Meetings Calendar

Comments for the Good of the Board

Mr. Lepore and all of the members are looking forward to a productive year. They will discuss a change of fees and work on the Master Plan.� Mayor Fiamingo welcomed all the members of the Board, as well as Richard O�Connor, Engineer, and Michael Tripodi, Board Attorney.� He has similar Attorney experience with Roselle Park.� Ms. Fiamingo also showed appreciation to the former members of the Board.

Mr. Cirillo also welcomed the new members and paid special attention to John Beninati. He worked with Mr. Beninati for several years; John preformed an outstanding job.�

Mr. Pantina thanked John for his advice and he also welcomed the new members.

Ms. Bogus thanked the mayor and board members for her nomination.

Mr. Herbert welcomed all of the members.� He thanked John Beninati for all of his years of service, advice, and for responding to his phone calls quickly.

Mr. Candarella and mayor Fiamingo thanked John and welcomed all the members.

Mr. Lepore mentioned Application #13-08 and Application #03-08 are scheduled for the January 22, 2009 meeting.� Both of these applications are Board of Adjustment matters, and Mr. Beninati will help out in transitioning the new Secretary.

Mayor Fiamingo encouraged the members to attend the work sessions and meetings.

Mr. Candarella advised the members to preview the applications.� The information will be in individual mailboxes in the courtroom.� He suggested they read the applications and visit the sites prior to the meetings.

Mr. O�Brien said all members must attend Planning Board training sessions within the first year of their appointment.� He informed the Board there are seminars in February and March on Saturdays in Union, Morris, and Essex Counties.� A website to visit is:

Mr. Cirillo said there is a fee for the seminars that will be paid for by the Borough.

Comments by the Public No comments.

Adjournment ��The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet M. Murphy, Planning Board Recording Secretary

A �post script� from the Recording Secretary:

I am deeply grateful to have had the experience of working with John Beninati.� He has been an inspiration to me; he has shown me how a true professional deals with everyone. He has touched my life with his calm demeanor, he has corrected errors without being abrasive�a talent I hope to reflect on my co-workers as well.

His �people skills� were extraordinary: he has taken the time to explain procedures to me, to applicants, and to board members.� He was always available for advice.�� John has unselfishly devoted his time and expertise to the position of Planning Board Secretary, as his father did before him.� Kenilworth is a small town with a big heart and John has been an integral part of our Borough.�

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