Planning Board Re-Org Agenda 1/8/2009

Borough of Kenilworth

PLANNING BOARD / Board of Adjustment


JANUARY 8, 2009

1.�� Reading of the Open Public Meetings Act (Sunshine Law)

2.�� Pledge of Allegiance

3.�� Roll Call

4.�� Approval to pay the Secretary

5.�� Meeting is turned over to the Mayor for re-organization purposes

������� Introduction of new members

������� Election of Officers

������� Appointment of Board Attorney

������� NOTE: Only regular members are permitted to vote; the Alternates and the

��������������� �����Mayors Designee will abstain from voting, unless needed.

6.�� Communications

7.�� Vote for Board Officials: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary

8.�� Vote for Recording Secretary

9.�� Vote for Board Attorney

10. Approval of the 2009 Workshop and Regular Meetings Calendar

11. Review of open applications. Assign hearing dates


13. Adjournment


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