Planning Board Agenda for 11/20/2008

Borough of Kenilworth

Planning Board Agenda

November 20, 2008

1.� Affirmation of the Open Public Meetings Act Requirements:��

����������� This meeting is being held in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act.� The schedule of meetings is on file in the Borough Clerks office, was posted on the bulletin board, and has been mailed to the Cranford Chronicle, the Kenilworth Leader, and the Star Ledger.�

2.� Pledge of Allegiance

3.� Roll Call

4.� Approval of the August 28, 2008 Minutes

�5.� Approval to pay the Recording Secretary

6.� Communications���


����������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������

7.� New Business������� Review of Proposed Alterations at Harding & Brearly Schools����

8.� General Business

9.� Comments for the Good of the Board

10.� Adjournment


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