Planning Board Minutes from 07/24/2008

Borough of Kenilworth

Planning Board Minutes

July 24, 2008

The meeting began with an affirmation of the Open Public Meetings Act requirements: The schedule of meetings is on file in the Borough Clerks office, was posted on the bulletin board, and has been mailed to the Cranford Chronicle, the Kenilworth Leader, and the Star Ledger.� All present recited the Pledge of Allegiance.� The Minutes from June 26, 2008 were approved. Approval was given to pay the Recording Secretary.

Roll Call:Mr. Lepore, Mr. Corcione, Mr.Beninati, Mr. Pantina, Mr. Cirillo, Mr. Mancino, and Mr. Cammarota.�

Absent: Mr. O�Malley, Mr. Herbert, Mr. Leary, Mr. Schielke, and Mr. Pugliese.

NOTE: Mayor, councilmen, and mayors-designee are not eligible to vote on Board of Adjustment matters.

Communications:� Mr. Beninati said there are no communications to report.

Resolutions:Denial of Application #5-08, Bamber, 654 Trenton Avenue, Block 151, Lot 28, Variance � rear yard deck & front landing w/steps.��

A motion to approve the resolution of denial was made by Mr. Cirillo, and 2nd by Mr. Pantina.� All in favor:� Mr. Pantina, Mr. Cirillo, Mr. Beninati, Mr. Corcione, and Mr. Lepore.

Application #15-07, Galmayo/Blackthorn Restaurant, 651 N. Michigan Avenue, Block 1, Lot 5, a Use Variance � Expansion for an existing non-conforming use.�

A motion to approve the resolution was made by Mr. Cirillo, and 2nd by Mr. Corcione.

All in favor:� Mr. Cirillo, Mr. Beninati, Mr. Corcione, and Mr. Lepore.

New Business:� Application #7-08, Monroe Avenue LLC, 322 Monroe Avenue, Block 25, Lot 14, a change of Use: a 2-family house in a CI zone on a 40� x 100� lot.�

Mr. Gordon Gemma is the attorney for Monroe Avenue LLC.� He said, although this owner previously applied for a change of use and was denied (RE: Application #21-07-1), the present application is different. There are only six Planning Board members present, and his client is entitled to a seven-member board. Since five affirmative votes are needed for a use variance, Mr. Gemma requests a delay of hearing until September 25, 2008.� A motion to carry the application until September 25, 2008, (without re-notification) was made by Mr. Mancino, and 2nd by Mr. Pantina.� All in favor.

Application # 8-08, Shanosky, 364 Roosevelt Lane, Block 104, Lot 16, ����������� Variance � front yard setback for porch.� Sworn in:� Mark and Tonya Shanosky.�� Mrs. Shanosky said the landing on their front porch is too narrow, and they want to extend the landing width an additional foot and the length to 8�.� The present porch is in disrepair, and the landing area presently is too narrow and dangerous.� Mr. Cirillo said he understands their situation.

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Mr. Mancino said this porch will encroach on the front yard setback, and asked about neighboring front porches. �Some porches in the area have a less than 25� setback.� The landing is currently 3�6�, and the applicant wants to make it a 4�6� x 8� porch.

�A motion to approve this application was made by Mr. Cirillo, 2nd by Mr. Pantina.� All in favor:� Mr. Pantina, Mr. Cirillo, Mr. Beninati, Mr. Corcione, Mr. Lepore, and Mr. Mancino.�

Adjournment:� The meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet M. Murphy,

Planning Board Recording Secretary

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