Planning Board Minutes from 3/4/2004
The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.� Present: Mr. Beninati, Mr. Rappa, Mr. Vitale, Mr. Peters, Mr. Clementi, Mr. Laudati, Mr. Candarella, & Mr. DeLuca.� Mr. Schultz arrived later.�

COMMUNICATIONS:� Mr. Beninati read a letter from Mr. Lane explaining that his firm was representing Roselle Park, who is taking an adversarial position on the Verizon application.� Therefore, he suggested Mr. Art Attenasio be appointed Kenilworth Planning Board Attorney for the Verizon wireless application.� The Board approved this appointment.� Mr. Vitale then introduced Mr. Attenasio to all present.

A letter from Mr. David Daley, an area resident who opposes the wireless tower, was distributed to all the Board members.

Mr. Vitale requested the meeting close by 11 p.m., and all were in agreement.

OLD BUSINESS:� Application #279, (Verizon Wireless) NYMSAA, 500 Hoiles Drive.

Mr. Schneider, Esq., Attorney for Verizon, gave a brief overview of the previous meeting regarding this application.� He stated the applicant�s radio frequency engineer, Mr. Dominic Villecco testified in two areas:� One, the need of this facility from a radio frequency perspective, and Two, the levels of radio frequency emissions would be in compliance with the FCC standards.� Mr. Schneider would present the site plan engineer, Mr. Todd Hay, and the professional planner, Mr. Rick Masters.� Mr. Beninati reminded Mr. Schneider that Mr. O�Brien, Board Planner, had asked for smaller copies of the exhibits at the last meeting.� Mr. Schneider said he did not and apologized.

NOTE: A complete transcript of the proceedings, prepared by Bridget Lombardozzi of Precision Reporting Service, will be distributed to all Board members and is available, for Public review, at the Borough Hall.�

Because of the time restrictions, Mr. Schneider asked that the meeting be continued to a Special Session on April 1, at 7:30 p.m.� The applicant will publish this in two local newspapers.� Registered letters will not be necessary.�

A motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:25 p.m. was made by Mr. Rappa, 2nd by Mr. Laudati.� All in favor.�

Respectfully submitted,

Janet M. Murphy,

Planning Board Recording Secretary

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