Planning Board Minutes from 6/26/2003

The meeting began with the pledge of allegiance.� Roll call was taken.� Present:� Mr. Westbrook, Mr. Beninati, Mr. Rappa, Mr. Vitale, Mr. Schultz, Mr. David, Mr. Rica, Mr. Pugliese, Mr. LoForte, and Mr. Lopore.� Absent: Mr. Canderella, Mr. Benintente, and Mr. Tripodi. A motion to accept the minutes of May 22, 2003, and to pay the attorney and secretary was made by Mr. Rappa, 2nd by Mr. David.� All in favor.

RESOLUTIONS:� Application #268, M.R.B.S. LLC., Mr. Hoag, 361-363 Monroe Avenue, for 1st and 2nd floor offices.� All in favor: Mr. Beninati, Mr. Westbrook, Mr. Schultz, Mr. Rica, and Mr. Pugliese

OLD BUSINESS:� Application # 02-03, V & R Reality, Inc., (Paparatto Construction), 17-19 South 21st Street, for two 2-family houses in an LC zone.� It was noted that Mr. Rappa, Mr. Vitale, Mr. LoForte, and Mr. Lopore signed affidavits stating they heard the tapes of the May 22, 2003 meeting.� Mr. Rica and Mr. Lopore were recused from participating in the vote. A discussion ensued.� Mr. Westbrook said our Borough engineer, Mr. Disko, spoke in favor of the two-family houses.� Mr. Schultz� noted the overuse of the 21st Street public parking lot in this limited parking area, but would have agreed to two single family houses.� Mr. Pugliese said commercial use would create parking problems as well.� Mr. Vitale said this was one of the last pieces of commercial properties in town.� He agreed with Mr. Beninati about not rushing into a two-family arrangement.� A motion to deny was made by Mr. Beninati, 2nd by Mr. Schultz.� A vote to deny approval:� Mr. Beninati, Mr. Rappa, Mr. Vitale, Mr. Schultz, amd Mr. LoForte.� In favor of approval:� Mr. Westbrook and Mr. Pugliese.� Application #02-03 denied.

NEW BUSINESS:� Application #275, Elberon Development Company Tech Center, 141 Market Street, for a multi-tenant wholesale and distribution center.� The attorney for Elberon Corporation said the company will agree to construct a board-on-board fence to buffer the park.� Mr. Vitale and the Site Committee looked over that area.� He commented that the board-on-board fence did not extend to the end of the property and that the housekeeping, in general, was poorly maintained.� The extremely heavy truck traffic through the site was also noted.� Because the approval of this application may possibly accommodate an expansion of Restaurant Depot, the Elberon Corporation must also address the concerns of the residential neighbors.

�The Site Committee needs complete site plans for a comprehensive review.� Long range plans for the location must also be addressed.�� Mr. Lane, board attorney, asked if Dr. Disko, borough engineer, reviewed the report.� He did, but did not comment.� The Site Committee may agree to meet with Elberon on Thursday, July 10 to discuss this matter, prior to the next Planning Board meeting.� This application will be continued until July 24, 2003.

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Application # 06-03, Kinder/Mahon, 633 Clinton Avenue, for a front cantilever setback variance.� After reviewing the plans, a motion to accept was given by Mr. Beninati, 2nd by Mr. Rappa.� All in favor.� Application granted.

Appplication #08-03, Ferrante, 633 Kingston Avenue, a front and back cantilever setback variance.� Pictures of the proposed expansion were submitted to the Planning Board, titled A-1 and A-2. A motion to accept was made by Mr. Vitale, 2nd by Mr. Rappa.� All in favor.� Application granted.

Application #09-03, Dobrowski, 633 Kingston Avenue,� a front and back cantilever setback variance.� A motion to accept was made by Mr. Rica, 2nd by Mr. Westbrook.� All in favor.� Application granted.

Application #07-03, St. Paul A.M.E., Rev. Kilby, 369 Monroe Avenue for a Church activity sign. A request was made to continue this application to the July 24th meeting in order to fulfill the proper publications.

Application #276, Kenilworth Historical Society, RE: Nitshke house, for re-location of this house on the Boulevard to the area by the Veterans center. Mr. David and Mr. Lopore were recused. Mr. Vitale, because of owning property within the 200� radius, was also recused.� Harvey Fruchter, attorney representing the Historical Society, presented certified mailings to Mr. Beninati.� The attorney requested approval at this meeting, because demolition of the Nitshke house is slated by the owner of the corner lot on the Boulevard and 21st Street.� This is one of the towns� oldest structures, a farmhouse built in 1880.� Ms Shirley Maxwell, president of the Historical Society, gave a brief overview of the intention to re-locate the structure onto a 50 x 100� lot on 21st Street at the VFW Monument Park.� Her vision is to restore the house into a �living museum�, giving tours and demonstrations.� Photo exhibits were presented of the present house and the future improvements.� Mr. Westbrook commended the Historical Society for their efforts.� Mr. Fruchter requested a �D� variance to promote the conservation of this site.� A motion to accept this application was made by Mr. Rappa, 2nd by Mr. LoForte.� All in favor.� Application granted with congratulations.

COMMENTS FOR THE GOOD OF THE BOARD:� Mr. Westbrook commented that the present recording machine is very old and beginning to have mechanical problems.� It probably should be repaired or replaced.

Meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Murphy, Recording secretary

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