Planning Board Minutes from 2/27/03
The meeting began with the pledge of allegiance.� Mr. Westbrook paid tribute to the former board chairman, Mr. George Schlenker, followed by a moment of silence. Roll call:� Mr. Westbrook, Mr. Beninati, Mr. Rappa, Mr. Vitale, Mr. David, Mr. Rica, Mr. Tripodi, Mr. Lepore.� Late arrival:� Mr. Schultz and Mr. Benintente, Mayor Designee. Absent: Mr. Pugliese, Mr. LoForte, Mr. Candarella.� Motions were made and 2nd to accept the minutes of January 23, 2003 and to pay the attorney and recording secretary.�

COMMUNICATIONS:� Mr. Beninati read a letter from Mayor Tripodi that appoints Mr. Benintente as mayoral designee. His term will expire on December 31, 2003.�

Another letter was from the Fire Department requesting their application be heard by the board on April 24, 2003. The plans will be submitted prior to the April workshop.

A letter was read from Mr. Lane, Board Attorney, regarding the Bynak & Berger vs. Kenilworth.� He enclosed an order of dismissal from the judge who presided at the hearing.

Another letter states Bruce Bergen, Esq., will be the attorney for Peter Crincoli.

A letter was from L. Asterbrook regarding the Elbron Development application #270. The applicant is reviewing other options for this site. A request was made to carry this to the March 27 meeting.

Another letter was read from Union County Planning Board regarding the Dunkin Donuts application. A waiver was granted to accept the Michigan Avenue driveway, sidewalk, and handicapped ramp as they will have no adverse effect on traffic.

APPLICATION #01-03, Frank Pugliese, 229 N. 13th Street, was presented.� A motion to grant the variance was made by Mr. Beninati, 2nd by Mr. Lepore.� All in favor. Mr. Tripodi and Mr. David were excused as they do not vote on the Board of Adjustment.

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APPLICATION #14-02, M.R.B.S., LLC. For 361-363 Monroe Avenue for 1st floor office and 2nd floor apartments was represented by Robert Weiss, Attorney.� He submitted the required notices.� Dr. Disko stated other variances must be reviewed, for example, a use variance, handicapped space, and insufficient drainage. Mr. Westbrook asked if Mr. Hoag could defer this matter until March 27th, 2003 to be in agreement with Dr. Diskos suggestions. Mr. Weiss asked a continuance until April 24.� Because two variances were not addressed, Mr. Lane said re-notification should be made.

Mr. Westbrook announced starting in March, any applications may be reviewed at 7 p.m. on the regular workshop meeting days.� Mr. Lane wrote an opinion letter regarding the interpretation of the Ordinance that addresses a �change in use�.� Some applicants suggested there may not be a need to file a full application when replacing one permitted use for another permitted use. The newly-formed application committee may also relieve this need to file.�

A motion to adjourn was made by Mr. Vitale, 2nd� by Mr. Schultz, at 8:45 p.m.� All in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet M. Murphy,

Planning Board Recording Secretary


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