JANUARY 9, 2003

Mayor Michael Tripodi presided over the re-organization meeting which began with a reading of the Sunshine Law and the Pledge of Allegiance.� The following board members were present:� Mr. Westbrook, Mr. Rappa, Mr. Beninati, Mr. Vitale, Mr. Schlenker, Mr. David, Mr. Pugliese, Mr. Lepore, Mr. Tripodi, and Mr. Canderella.


A nomination for Mr. Schlenker as Board Chairman was made by Mr. Westbrook, 2nd by Mr. David.� Nine in favor, one abstained. Mr. Rica arrived at the meeting.

A nomination for Mr. Westbrook for Vice-Chairman was made by Mr. Vitale, 2nd by Mr. Schlenker.� Ten in favor, one abstained.

A nomination for Mr. Beninati for Board Secretary was made and 2nd.� Ten in favor, one abstained.

A nomination for Mr. Lane, Esq., for Board Attorney was made and a vote taken.� All in favor.

A nomination for Mrs. Murphy for Board Recording Secretary was made and 2nd.� All in favor.

Mr. Beninati and other board members complimented Mrs. Murphy on her hard work the previous year.

The meeting dates for the year 2003 will be posted and sent to the local papers.� A motion was made and voted on to change the regular meetings to begin at 7:30, with the exception of the January 23, 2003 meeting that will begin at 8:00. All in favor.


Mr. David made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Mr. Westbrook at 8:05 p.m.� All in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Murphy, Recording Secretary

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