Message from William Dowd, Chief of Police

September 15, 2004

Hello Everyone�..

The pre-night program for National Night Out in front of Borough Hall was a huge success. The evening was enjoyed by everyone. Mayor David, Union County Prosecutor Ted Romankow, Assistant Prosecutor Bob O�Leary, Kenilworth Council Members and many Police Officers were in attendance, as well as a large turnout from the public. Thanks go to all the Police Officers who volunteered their time to make the night a success.

With the fall season upon us, we are asking residents not to park on piles of leaves. We�ve had car fires in the past when vehicles, through their red-hot exhaust systems, ignite leaves on fire underneath the parked car. Both the Police Dept. and Fire Dept. are urging everyone to avoid parking on leaves to avoid this problem.

I am proud to announce that I�ve been selected to be this year�s inductee into the David Brearley Hall of Fame. It is truly an honor that I have been chosen for this award.   

It�s a pleasure to serve as your Chief of Police and if I can be of assistance to anyone, feel free to contact me at 276-1705.

Chief William Dowd

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