Kenilworth Beautification Committee

Longtime Kenilworth resident Jules Zengewald started the Kenilworth Beautification Committee in 1992.� It was Jules� vision to give the Boulevard and all of Kenilworth a visual lift � by adding planters that would be filled with flowers all spring and summer, and holiday evergreens in the winter.

Anyone interested in joining the Beautification Committee is welcomed! The committee is interested in anyone who can provide fresh ideas and is willing to roll their sleeves up to make things happen!� Those interested in helping to maintain the flowers are encouraged to participate.�� Interested residents can sign up for the committee by calling the Borough Clerk at 276-9090.�� Meetings will be posted on the Kenilworth website under �Community Corner�.

The Beautification Committee will play an important role in the coming years as Kenilworth presents its Smart Growth plan to help shape the future of the Boulevard, by making the center of town more attractive for shoppers, visitors, restaurant-goers and businesses.

Get Involved!

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